Our team

  • Kiel Thomson

    Founder / CEO

    Kiel started in the construction industry at the age of 14, sweeping floors for his father on job sites. He worked his way up to lead carpenter - then project manager. Kiel took a couple of sabbaticals to become a 5-star certified chef from the Culinary Institute of America and is a certified Scuba Diving Instructor with NAUI. He studied business management and project management his entire career. Kiel directed construction companies in Louisiana and California before moving to Louisville Kentucky with his wife. He carries these experiences with him to the construction business, whether it’s building homes, kitchens, or restaurants.

    Kiel founded Kiel Thomson Company in 2004, believing he could build not just incredible projects but also great relationships with subcontractors, vendors, employees, and customers. These relationships last a lifetime, as KTC has become an award-winning contractor with a lot of talented artisans, project managers, and designers.

    Kiel believes that being genuine and honest in relationships with people and clients builds strong character, not only in work but also in personal life. It all comes down to service.

    “Character is the main attribute I look for in people, at work, and in my personal life. 

    Some days are filled with challenges while others are not - but I would not change it for anything. I love what I do. I was once asked what I do and answered that I was a fireman. After some thought, I realized that the team is made up of Smokey-the-Bears: preventing fires, instead of putting them out.”

    “That’s enough about me. If you want to know more, give me a call, shoot me an email or stop by our office, and meet our team.”

  • Dawn Marshall

    Director of Operations

    Dawn comes to KTC Construction with a finance background, giving her a strong foundation for helping Kiel take KTC to a higher level. But the best aspect of her work history comes from working in customer service. She understands that the best way to interact with clients is to present estimates to them in a language they can understand and then walk them through the project process. This has allowed for a more relaxed, less stressful experience.

     She loves being such a big part of a small business.

    Dawns says, “I believe in the value of an even temperament. Listening enables a good memory, but being organized lets me find details when I can’t remember them. All of us on the KTC team get to decide how we grow, what path we take, and how we help this company evolve. I’m proud to be a part of it. It’s vital that every client we have feels special – that their project is as big of a deal to us as it is to them. I hope that all of us at KTC can help our clients understand that about us – we’re all dedicated, passionate people who want to do the best job we can and create some happy clients.”

  • Michael Cadden

    Director of Projects

    Mike has been building, remodeling, and designing homes for over 25 years. His experience and understanding of the construction process allow him to play an integral role in project development and management. The most rewarding part for him is working with clients to assist them in designing and building their homes and businesses.

    “I appreciate the focus on clients, dedicated craftsmen, and an excellent reputation within KTC. Also, I look forward to opportunities for growth with new clients and projects.”

  • Phil Marshall

    Project Manager / Estimator

    Most of Phil’s professional career has been in residential construction and remodeling. He has worked in every aspect of home building, from landscaping to historical restoration, from being hands-on on the jobsite, to working in the office helping clients make their projects a reality.

    “I enjoy the opportunity to solve problems on multiple levels, and I still enjoy working with my hands. I look forward to the variety of challenges I encounter, and the diversity of projects KTC is awarded. I also enjoy seeing a plan come together quite a lot.” 

    “I’m looking forward to working out how to build the next wild and wacky unique custom project for the next fascinating and fabulous clients that come along.”

  • Paul Shockley

    Project Controls

    Paul Shockley has over 20 years of experience in the building industry and works in scheduling, estimating, sales, and task management at KTC. Before coming to KTC, he operated his own construction business. Paul likes addressing the challenges that come with this business and interacting with team members, clients, and subcontractors. Although he spends time in the office, he likes being in the field to survey projects.

    “I look forward to expanding my knowledge of new building practices and materials and applying them to projects. I also like working with clients to achieve their dreams and visions of each project. I’ll continue to work with others here to achieve even higher standards and growth potential.”

  • April Cavins

    Accountant / Auditor

    April holds an accounting degree from Northern Kentucky University, where she was an athlete. That experience gave her the ability to determine what a team needs and how to get those needs met.

    She’s worked in accounts payable and receivable and as a staff accountant/auditor. Through that, she learned that she could simplify complicated concepts. She likes to find challenges, then the best way to find solutions. She loves the KTC team and thinks the projects we build are amazing. In the future, April looks forward to all things financial.

    “Work smarter, not harder - there is always an easier way. Finding ways to make our Project Managers’ work easier on the financial side is enjoyable. I feel appreciated and part of the company, not just a person working. I look forward to seeing the new finished beautiful projects and happy owners - that’s the ultimate goal.”

  • Edina Zukic

    Office Manager

    Edina has been working in office management for over 19 years and has been with Kiel Thomson Company since 2015. She tracks team members and coordinates with Project Controls to help associates prepare for various projects. She is skilled in Quickbooks, CoConstruct management, billing, creating estimates, project support, HR administration, and Six Sigma Training.

    “I like working alongside clients and the team and managing all aspects of the employment process. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and watching us grow by helping with existing and new projects, taking our company to a better and higher standard.”

  • Laura Whittle

    Project Manager / Designer

    Laura comes to KTC with over 25 years of experience designing custom cabinetry and living spaces in Louisville. Her ability to listen to clients' needs and wishes and her attention to detail results in projects that exceed our clients' desires. She tracks and manages each project from concept to completion and briefs clients one on one.

    "I like working with the KTC team and think of us as a close-knit, happy family. I look forward to growing with KTC. We produce beautiful projects."

  • Steve Barger

    Project Manager

    Steve has worked with Kiel on select projects for many years and joined the company in a permanent position more than six years ago. He comes to KTC with over 30 years experience in the film business, involved in projects ranging from the thousands to millions of dollars in countries around the world.

    That experience brings him an in-depth understanding of the logistics of on-time material delivery and the coordination of complex operations involving many people, facilities, and supplies.

    “I’ve always had an interest in architecture and engineering, and I look forward to learning more. KTC Construction brings in unique projects that offer an opportunity for problem-solving by our fabulous team. Exceeding the expectations of our clients is our goal.”

  • Kevin Moylan

    Project Manager

    Kevin comes to KTC with over 35 years of sales and management experience in the television industry and a passion for renovating and restoring older homes. Ready for a career change, he made the transition to KTC. Kevin understands the importance of managing timelines, budgets, and expectations. Problem-solving, attention to detail, and listening to the client's needs are key to his approach to project management.

  • Kenan Sukic

    Project manager / Project Support

    Kenan was born in Sanjak, Serbia. In 1993, he and his family escaped the war in Serbia and moved to Germany, where Kenan worked in the construction industry. Kenan and his family had the opportunity to move to Louisville in 1997. After arriving, Kenan joined Kiel Thomson Company and began working directly with Kiel.

    In addition to managing projects, Kenan supports other project managers in applying strategies in the field. His dedication shows in the consistent quality of projects at KTC.

    "We're more than a team here. We are a family. I can count on them, and they can count on me. In the end, our clients win because of our family's alliance.”

  • Tom Raymer

    Master Carpenter / Cabinet Maker

    Tom started as an apprentice carpenter in 1967 and became a union carpenter two years later. A few years after that, he started his own framing company. Tom left his company to become a superintendent with a regional home builder, then later became an instructor and site superintendent for one of three carpenter training programs in the nation for five years. He became a registered remodeler/builder, owning his own company for over 30 years, and has been working with KTC since 2012.

    “My interest is in refining our in-house woodworking/cabinet shop’s functionality while also building custom cabinets and furniture for KTC projects. I find great satisfaction is seeing raw material become a functioning piece of furniture - a tangible, useful furnishing that brings joy to a client.” 

    “After being in carpentry for 53 years, I plan on finishing my career at KTC Construction.”

  • Becca Taylor


    Becca Taylor is one of KTC’s newest employees, coming to us from a teaching background. Most recently at Atherton High School, Becca also has experience running her own business and understands how to stay organized and focused on the tasks ahead – much needed qualities in an Estimator. Communicating and connecting with clients provides Becca with what she needs to get our projects started in the right direction – listening is one of the most important aspects of her job.

    KTC is a community of people who appreciate quality and character. It is an honor to be able to contribute to that community and grow my knowledge in the field.”