Fire Restoration

fire restoration services


A home in Louisville’s historic Cherokee Triangle District burned down to the foundation. Its close proximity to other historic homes required careful and controlled demolition, and an exact duplicate – with 21st century modifications be rebuilt in its place.

fire damage reconstruction


Blueprints from the 1910 construction specifications were obtained from city archives. But, those blueprints and blueprints of today vary greatly due to the mechanical improvements available and structural code changes. In addition, because the home is in a regulated historic district, specific materials must be used with few exceptions.


Only a small portion of the structure remained, but it had smoke and water damage. Smoke leaves an acidic coating that over time further weakens the structure. After removing debris from the fire, smoke and water abatement began. As the rebuilding of a family memory was launched, piecing together the owners' memories, and adding modern comforts with a desire for a more open design flow. The home’s classic look and feel remained.

restored home after natural disaster


The use of modern materials from the foundation to finish, and additional use of green insulation practices, created warm comfort for a home originally created in the early 20th century. Custom cabinets grace a modern kitchen with granite counter tops. Architectural details from the same period, but not present on the home at the time of the fire, were added. Details, such as stained glass windows and door hardware, were salvaged and restored. Lighting fixtures designed to fit the home’s period were obtained. The modern home now blends seamlessly with its neighboring counterparts.

beautiful home after restoration