Commercial Construction and Remodeling

Kiel Thomson Company proudly performs new construction and remodeling work for commercial construction clients. We are your partner for commercial construction of greenhouses, restaurants, retail stores, visitor centers, specialty boutiques, luxury sports boxes, office and professional buildings, hospital and medical buildings, educational facilities, and nonprofits.

As one of Louisville, Kentucky's leading commercial contractors, Kiel Thomson Company has earned an industry-wide reputation for consistently delivering quality projects on-time and on-budget. Our team takes great pride in our approach to every aspect of the project, from pre-construction to completion. With a deep understanding of the building trade, Kiel Thomson realizes that being both hands-on and high-tech are crucial components to success in today’s commercial construction industry.

Kiel Thomson truly believes in the teamwork approach to building. This means we develop strong working relationships with business owners, architects and subcontractors. While we still self-perform most phases of the project with our skilled field staff, our network of carefully selected subcontractors and suppliers, many of whom have worked with us for 15 years, are equally responsible for our success.