General Contracting

Commercial New Construction: General Contracting Services

Whether it’s commercial or non-profit, our general contracting services can take your new construction project to the next level. By having a complete team of qualified workers and partners, we control every aspect of the project to ensure it lives up to our exceptional standards.

We provide construction management services, which means we oversee all aspects of the project from conception to completion. We coordinate between the owner, our team, and our partners to ensure the project flows smoothly from the preconstruction phase through design and construction. Kiel Thomson will supervise the project, and make sure it meets our high standards.

We provide design build services which include green building techniques to ensure an energy-efficient space. We leverage our knowledge of value engineering to help you get the most from your project budget.

With Kiel Thomson as your general contractor, you won’t have to worry about unexpected issues with the local permitting and building authorities stalling your project. We are familiar with local Landmarks / Historical Committee processes, and will help you navigate any permitting and zoning issues that arise.

You can be confident placing the responsibility for your commercial new construction project in our capable hands.