Commercial New Construction: Masonry Services

If completed by an experienced professional, masonry work can add a unique look and enhance a project’s overall beauty. At Kiel Thomson Company, we specialize in professional masonry for both new work and restoration projects.


We can complete concrete masonry work of any sort. This includes poured slab footers and flatwork, as well as walls, overlays and foundations. Concrete is a durable material which can stand up to commercial use, but it’s more economical than stone, tile or carpet. You don’t have to settle for the usual boring, ugly grey. We can stain and stamp concrete to simulate the look of natural stone.


Attractive brick masonry requires skill, patience and planning, but the results are well worth the effort. Our team includes experienced brick masons who can complete any job to your satisfaction. We can add a brick veneer to your commercial exterior to match materials in adjacent rows of businesses in a historic neighborhood. We have the skills to install new brick sidewalk, patio, driveway or basement/garage floors, too.

We also have extensive experience in specialty brick work, including matching the appearance of a historical building or building and repairing brick chimneys and fireplaces. We can perform tuckpointing, to give your brick masonry a sharp, detailed appearance or to match previous work in a historic structure.


Quality stone masonry work can give your building an elegant, luxurious look or create a more rustic, rough-hewn appeal. We have experienced stone masons as part of our team, and can handled stone masonry projects of any size and complexity.

We can help you choose the right type, color, size and shape of stone block, as well as a variety of patterns. We can add stone masonry to the exterior of your building with walls,veneers, foundations, patios, sidewalks and driveways. Or if you want to bring this beautiful natural material indoors, we can use it to create a striking wall, fireplace or chimney.