Commercial Remodeling: Structural Services

Our talented and experienced team can guide your structural project through every step. Whether you need a complete design, or are simply looking for a consultation, we have the expertise to make your project a success.

Good structural design literally supports the entire remodeling project. Many older commercial buildings don’t make the best use of space, with floor plans divided into too many small rooms. However, solving the problem requires more planning and effort than simply knocking out a wall. We can help you determine a safe and stable plan for removing load-bearing walls and creating open spaces. Or if you’re transforming a warehouse space into offices, we can ensure new structures are supported and integrated into mechanicals effectively.

If you’re building an addition or extending the footprint of your existing space, we can design and pour the new concrete foundations they’ll require. We can inspect your walls, floor joists and other supporting wood structures for termite damage or wood rot. If we find a problem, we’ll work to eliminate these issues which could be weakening your building’s structure from the inside out.

Kiel Thomson also performs structural repairs related to natural disasters, such as fire, flooding, windstorms or pest damage. If your building has taken a beating from Mother Nature or from old mechanicals falling apart and flooding the space, we make sure it’s safe and solid again. We also have experience in designing and building steel structures, for example if you’re planning on using steel studs or adding a metal roof to your building or new addition.

When it comes to structural aspects of your residential remodeling project, you can count on the Kiel Thomson team to stand strong.