• The Women of KTC


    Although it’s not the norm, seeing women in the construction industry is more common than in the past. KTC understands that having different points of view creates a great work environment and makes for a better customer experience. The experiences Laura, Edina, April, and Dawn bring with them to KTC makes us a better company….

  • Window Restoration

    Residential, Do It Yourself, Commercial

    Louisville, Kentucky was established in the later part of the 18th century as river traffic grew above the falls of the Ohio River. The city grew, and the population pushed southward, establishing the neighborhood now known as Old Louisville. Old Louisville is renowned for its beautiful three-story Victorian homes that feature majestic ten to twelve-foot…

  • How to Select a Contractor Selecting a contractor for your remodeling project or new build can be daunting. There are so many negative rumors that float around about contractors: they take advantage; jack the prices up; cut corners to save (themselves) money; hire cheap/illegal labor. While I’m sure there are contractors that do some –…

  • Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

    Commercial, News & Awards

    Yew Dell Botanical Gardens of Crestwood, Kentucky, is on the National Register of Historic Places and provides horticultural education and apprenticeships that mirror its amazing gardens’ beauty and importance.” Yew Dell is an organization we support as a company that is a pleasure to work with. Our love affair with Yew Dell runs deep. We…

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