Aug 6th, 2012

In honor of Yew Dell's 10th birthday, we are delighted to announce that this fall, we'll break ground on a stunning collection of brand new horticulture facilities; greenhouse, nurseries, headhouse; even event space around the new greenhouse. The project will be headlined by a new solar/geothermal greenhouse complete with green roof (on the north slope only!), plant growing and propagation space, teaching/workshop space and even the potential to host modest exhibits. The entire structure is being designed as an exhibit of low-energy-requiring construction for the green industry and will also serve as the nerve center of all Yew Dell's horticulture activities; teaching, research, production and display.

The greenhouse is being designed by Yew Dell staff in collaboration with Rough Brothers of Cincinnati, OH, one of the leading greenhouse/conservatory designers/fabricators in the US. The Rough team is working with the Louisville Architecture firm deLeon & Primmer Architectue Workshop - the award-winning architects who designed Yew Dell's Gheens Barn/Peyton Samuel Head Trust Pavilion and the more recent Visitor Center and Garden Shop. Both DPAW projects resulted in top design honors from the American Institute of Architects. The Kiel Thomson Company of Louisville, KY will serve as the general contractor - coordinating the process of turning the plans into reality. The Kiel Thomson Company was responsible for construction of Yew Dell's Visitor Center and Garden Shop which opened to national acclaim in 2010.

In addition to the greenhouse, the existing historic Klein potting shed building will be completely rehab'd and reopened as the Preston T. Ormsby Horticulture Center, a facility that will serve as the greenhouse's headhouse, teaching and work space and the center of daily operations for Yew Dell's growing horticutlure staff.

North of the greenhouse and hort. center building we will construct production facilities for research evaluation work. An unheated high-tunnel structure will be erected for fall/winter vegetable production research. Evaluation fields for vegetable and ornamental crops will be combined with updated container production facilities, expanded composting capacity and materials storage - to provide an all-encompassing horticulture facility unlike anything in the region.

Construction will begin this fall and will continue through the winter. Completion of the greenhouse and Horticulture Center building is anticipated in spring 2013 with the remainder of the facilities coming online shortly thereafter.