KTC first remodeled Sapporo in 2015. That project included a new bar, booths, lighting, flooring, sushi bar tops and workstations, new ceiling “clouds,” wall coverings, and granite for the hibachi grill tables. While still functioning fine, the restaurant needed a few new decorative details for our 2023 remodel. 

This new remodel focused on removing the hibachi grill tables and expanding the sushi portion of the restaurant. The walls between the sushi bar and hibachi grills were removed, opening the restaurant’s floor plan and creating a more inviting space, and allowing for the installation of additional seating. 

Another unique element in the 2023 renovation was replicating the curved, red oak wood slat ceiling pergola in the expanded space. This same design element was installed over the wall lighting, creating interest with the red backlights and tying together the color of the newly reupholstered booths.

In addition, new flooring and wall coverings were installed, along with building a new carry-out section with server stations to help control the backup of customers picking up their to-go orders. 

Sapporo is a favorite restaurant of Kiel – and many of his KTC team, and we all love working with the Kim family.