KTC Construction • A Unique Family Construction Business

With decades of experience and newly planted in Louisville, Kiel Thomson started Kiel Thomson Construction (KTC) in 2004. Over the decades, KTC has grown to include 23 full-time employees. In this article Kiel (CEO) and KTC’s Director of Operations, Dawn Marshall, discuss the strength of the company and its contribution to effective builds, remodels, restores, and a long string of satisfied clients. 

Whether working on turn-of-the-century remodeling projects in old Louisville, the complex mechanical construction solutions required in commercial kitchens, or new construction requiring design, excavation through construction, and build-out, the success comes from the collaborative team.  

Our success, and the success of our clients, comes from our team’s creativity and our ability to collaborate. We are not interested in building “cookie-cutter homes.” We work with our clients to prepare the right design and cost solutions. 

According to Dawn Marshal, KTC “is a very inclusive, thoughtful, open company with some great people who make it what it is.” 

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